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At Abbassi Law Firm, we have a substantial depth of experience helping clients in many different situations relating to divorce, probate, trust, and estate disputes. We are fully prepared to help you if your case involves any of the below situations.




Step One: Pre-Requisites

Before you file for divorce, please be sure that you have copies of important documents and that your personal belongings are secure. It's also important to check your credit status before you file for divorce.

Step Two: File For Divorce

The process typically begins with Attorney Abbassi distributing your summons and a petition - one being the notice and the other being an official request. Your papers are first to be brought to your local courthouse, then a local family law clerk's office.

Step Three: Serving and Responding

This statement made might vary. In California, only one spouse has to call for divorce, but your spouse must sign a Notice and Acknowledgment of Receipt. When the respondent is served, you must then make sure your court knows with a Proof of Summons.

Step Four: Temporary Orders and Finances

Next, Attorney Abbassi will walk you through orders you would like addressed in front of the judge like child custody and visitation, child support, fees and more. Documentation needed may include pay stubs, bank, mortgage, vehicle, and credit card statements, and life insurance policy.

Step Five: Discovery

Following that, the "Discovery" process is conducted. The Discovery process allows you to understand the evidence in which your spouse plans to use on trial, along with knowledge of what's at stake. In California, you are allowed up until 60 days before a trial to gather this information.

Step Six: Trial

In the courtroom, if your case goes there, Attorney Abbassi will represent you with facts to help you, the right evidence and documentation that helms your side of the case completely true.

Step Seven: Settlements

Should you accept or reject a plea? Attorney Abbassi will help you come to the right decisions so the settlement leans towards your favor!


Step One: Complaints (Both Perspectives)

If you are receiving a complaint, Attorney Abassi will work diligently with you to figure out finances owed and a solution to justify your plea towards the plaintiff.

Step Two: Pleadings

During pleadings, Attorney Abbassi will help you make the right choice in terms of what direction to take. If you received a complaint towards you, you could either answer or motion to dismiss. If you are filing the complaint, Attorney Abbassi will take action to make sure your claims are perceived true and justified.

Step Three: Discovery

Attorney Abbassi will assist you in finding the right documentation along with answering questions under oath, to make sure you have the tools you need to succeed when facing this kind of case.

Step Four: Trial or Judgement

In a Civil Litigation case, there is usually a "summary judgement" conducted, where if one side wins, the case is dismissed. Attorney Abbassi will fight for you to be on the right side of this scope conducted by the court.

Step Five: Settlements

It is rare that this type of case goes on full trial, but Attorney Abbassi helps you decide whether or not it's worth it to make a settlement or file a motion, should there be disagreement.


Attorney Abbassi guides you through the process of choosing who you would like assets passed onto. From identifying assets of your estate to helping you write your wills, resolving tax income issues and assisting with distribution, Attorney Abbassi specializes in helping clients through this tough and often indecisive time.


Step One: Applications

Attorney Abbassi knows the vitality of your application status, whether or not it's pending. That's why Attorney Abbassi will work with you if your next steps are waiting on eligibility for residency, helping you fix any application denial, preparing for an interview, or establishing defense against deportation.

Step Two: First Hearing

As you meet with the judge, Attorney Abbassi will help you decide what's best for your case's next steps, whether it's to apply for asylum, or admit/deny the charges against you.

Step Three: Merits Hearing

In helping to prepare arguments to defend your case, Attorney Abbassi applies methods that show why you belong in the United States. Appearing in court can be nerve wracking, which is why Attorney Abbassi is there to assist with presenting your argument and stray away from a deportation settlement.

"Attorney Evane did our prenuptial agreement in a day because we had forgotten to do it. She did a great job in less than a few hours and her staff even delivered it to our wedding."

Ismael and Lorena Michaels, California

"When I was getting my divorce I was devastated, confused, and scared. Attorney Abbassi and her staff made me feel comfortable and back in the driver's seat. Best caring attention ever! The Abbassi law firm provided the best service."

Maryam Sh, Woodland Hills California

"Previous experience with other law groups have made me skeptical of the services they provided. I was recommended to contact Attorney Evane Abbassi and I was happily surprised with their level of professionalism and care and commitment to clientele. My business issue was solved with one letter, proving the law firm's knowledge and expertise."

Elizabeth S, Canoga Park California

"Thanks for the help of this law firm and Attorney Evane, my estate planning was done properly and quickly. So glad to have worked with her and her amazing staff."

John Doe, Ventura California

"After my Dad passed and we literally were clueless what to do. A friend of mine told me to call Attorney Evane and talk to her. Boy am I glad I did it, I am so glad I did! She was so loving and caring, the law firm even arranged for the funeral. We had no idea what to do and where to start, but with the help of this law firm, my Dad's probate was done in a few months, and we were able to use the assets a month after we filed."

Antony Rodriguez, Enrico California


Evane, K. Abbassi (Donya), has a doctorate and post doctorate degree in Law and has been working with many prominent, high net families all over the U.S

In 2021, Abbassi was named one of the Lawyers of Distinction, an award that is received by only the most distinguished lawyers.